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May 10th, 2017

Top Tips to Spring Clean your Office

It’s often found that people work best when their working environment is completely clutterfree.
The cleaner and more organised your office is, the easier you’ll find it to be productive.
After all, a tidy desk means a tidy mind. Here we’ve put together a few top tips to help you
spring clean your office space.

1. Keep only important items at arms reach
Workspace can be limited so a good place to start your spring clean is to minimise objects and
free up valuable space. As you go through your items think to yourself “have I used it in the
past year?” and if not, you probably don’t need it. Any equipment that you don’t use regularly
make sure to store it away and get into the habit of returning it to it’s designated spot.

2. Organise your paperwork
Now you’re spring cleaning it’s a great time to sort through that hefty pile of papers. You’ll
need to decide on a filing system; maybe you want filing boxes, trays or drawers. Bare in mind,
with a perfect system you should be able to reach exactly what you need in 30 seconds or
less. If the task is too daunting to tackle now, you could always use temporary files labelled
‘To Read’, ‘To Do’, ‘To File’ and go through the workload at a time that suits you.

3. De-clutter your virtual desktop too
Spring cleaning doesn’t just limit you to tidying your physical office space. When we sit down
at an unorganised computer it can hinder our work and documents can be hard to locate.
Streamline your desktop so that only icons you use regularly are visible on the screen, and
make sure you file away documents so they’re easy to obtain.

4. Deep clean your desk
After the tidying and de-cluttering process, it is the perfect time to give your desk a thorough
deep clean. It may seem a little pedantic, but wiping down and sanitizing your workspace
really finishes off the cleaning process. It’s amazing how a clean working environment can
make you feel much more productive.

5. Add cleaning into your schedule
Once you have your workspace spick and span, it’s best to stay on top of it. It is a lot easier to
spend a few minutes each day tidying your desk than it is to spend large amounts of time
tidying up every month. Try re-organising your desk at the end of the working day, that way
when you arrive the next morning your desk is clutter-free and you’re ready to start the day.

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